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Hot Dairy Out

19 Aug

One of the most misunderstood concepts in Conservative culture is the concept of “hot dairy out.”  For those who don’t know, this is the phenomenon where some Conservative Jews will keep a kosher household… but will then go out and get pizza from a non-hechshered pizzeria.  Many Orthodox friends have asked me how someone can believe this double standard.   Why is it okay to eat treif outside of your house, but not in it?

I feel that is is one of most misunderstood things that Conservative Jews do.  People who eat hot dairy out don’t believe that the food they were eating out is treif.  They believe that the “hot dairy out” food is okay to eat in their house or not.  They don’t bring it into their house so that more observant friends and family will feel comfortable eating on their dishes.


DISCLAIMER: Conservative Halachah does not actually endorse eating hot dairy food at non-hechshered restaurants, so technically, according to the movement, it shouldn’t be done at all.