Commentary for Vayikra

7 Mar

This week’s parshah is almost entirely dedicated to the instructions for performing various sacrifices.  This section often comes across as uninteresting to modern readers because almost all of it is a recitation of procedures.  A more in-depth study of all of the facets of the sacrifices reveals that they are not just a list of directions, but they also help us understand how to feel while giving the sacrifices and many lessons that we can apply to our everyday lives.


One of the biggest reasons why this aspect of the sacrifices seems to have been lost to us is that since the destruction of the Second Temple, we have not given sacrifices.  Over the last two thousand years, our connection to the performance of the ritual has faded away.  When performing a mitzvah, the mindset you have and the exploration of the feelings it evokes are just as important as following the correct procedure.  In order to preserve our rituals in their purest form, we must explore all facets of them, both going into them and afterwards, and use them to better understand our connection to God.


While our ability to perform sacrifices has been out of our control for two millennia, there are many other wonderful rituals that we can still .  Indeed, we must cleave to these rituals, or, like the sacrifices, the all-important emotional connection to them will be lost.

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